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Were you injured on the job, or did you fall ill as a result of your career? If so, reach out to our family physicians at Physicians Medical Urgent Care, located in San Jose, California, for a workers' compensation examination. You may qualify for benefits. To get started on workers’ compensation medical care, call the practice or reach out via the online booking tool.

Workers' Compensation Q & A

What is workers’ compensation?

Workman’s compensation or workers' compensation is a government-supported insurance program that allows workers to access benefits when they become injured at work, or they become ill as a result of their work. 

Usually, you can qualify for benefits if you become injured or sick:

  • At work
  • As a result of your work
  • While traveling for work

Please note that you are not eligible for benefits if you were injured while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you became ill as a result of personal lifestyle choices.

Workers' compensation also doesn’t cover injuries that you incurred during an altercation with a fellow employee.

What types of benefits does workers' compensation offer?

Workers' compensation works on both a state and federal level, and if you qualify, you can receive benefits such as:

  • Insured medical care
  • Wage replacement

Workers' compensation may also offer you vocational rehabilitation, and it can provide support for your dependents while you’re out of work.

worker's yellow helmetHow do you qualify for workers’ compensation?

To see if you qualify for workers’ compensation, schedule a visit with Physicians Medical Urgent Care.

During the visit, your provider conducts a thorough examination, documents the details of your visit, and provides medical evidence of your illness or injury and its origin.

In addition to workers' compensation examinations, the practice offers pre-placement exams for prospective employees, including drug testing.

What happens during a pre-placement exam?

During a pre-placement exam, your provider examines you to make sure that you’re healthy enough to do the job you’ve applied for. 

This requires tests such as:

  • Vision tests
  • Vital signs check
  • Eye, nose, throat, ear, and head examinations
  • Abdominal examinations 
  • Musculoskeletal examinations
  • Neurological evaluations

Your provider also spends time going over your employment history, medical history, your medications list, and your exposure risks.

If you’ve been injured on the job, or because of your work, and you’re interested in workers' compensation, turn to Physicians Medical Urgent Care. Also seek out the practice for quick and thorough pre-employment exams. To get started, call or use the online booking tool today. Walk-ins are also welcome at the practice.