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Physicals are a part of every solid health care plan, and Sveltlana Burkhead, MD, and Ines Munoz De Laborde, MD, at Physicians Medical Urgent Care in San Jose, California, offer numerous types of physicals in addition to routine annual visits. Top-quality physicals can guide your health care or help you move forward with a new job, athletic pursuits, school, summer camp, and more. Call the office or book a visit online today.

Physicals Q & A

What happens during an annual physical?

Annual physicals are an essential part of your overall health and wellness. These visits are a chance for you to get the preventive health screenings you need. They are also an opportunity to monitor existing treatment plans and make adjustments as needed. 

Some aspects of your annual physicals will remain consistent from one year to the next. You can expect your practitioner to evaluate and record details of your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Breathing function
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Skin condition
  • Reflexes
  • Basic neurological function

Other aspects of your annual physicals will change as you move through the phases of life. You need different screenings based on your age, sex, and overall health. 

What kinds of specialized physicals are available?

Annual physical exams are important for your personal health journey. There are times, however, when you or a family member require a specialized physical. Physicians Medical Urgent Care provides the following types of physicals.

School physicals

These visits determine if a child is healthy enough to attend school with other children. These visits often include a review of your child’s immunization record. 

Sports or camp physicals

These physicals evaluate your child’s ability to participate in athletic or recreational pursuits without risk of harm. Your provider performs a range of routine health checks, although some organizations require specific screenings based on the proposed activity. 

Pre-employment physicals

These exams determine if you are healthy enough to engage in a specific line of work. Your exam might include a mandatory vision or hearing exam, or drug screening. 

Immigration physicals

Part of the immigration process is demonstrating that you are healthy. An immigration exam requires specific health checks, and Physicians Medical Urgent Care features providers with authorization to perform these exams. They complete the specific paperwork after the exam concludes. 

What can I do to make the most of my physical exam?

A bit of preparation can maximize the benefits of any physical exam. Be prepared to share details of your personal and family health history. Bring in a list of any medications or supplements you’re taking. 

If you have concerns or questions, consider writing them down prior to your visit. It’s easy to overlook something once the exam begins, and having a list of questions ensures you get all the information you need. 

If you need any type of physical exam, call Physicians Medical Urgent Care, or book an appointment online at your earliest convenience.